Default Report

When an execution is run a JSON report is generated in this location:


Generate Reports After Execution

These are the available report types:

  • html (single html file, screenshots included)
  • html-no-images (single html file, without screenshots)
  • json
  • junit (XML compatible with Jenkins)


golem run project suite -r junit html html-no-images json

Report Location

The location of the reports can be specified with the –report-folder argument:

golem run project suite -r html --report-folder /the/path/to/the/report

Report Name

By default, the report name is ‘report’ (’report.xml’, ‘report.html’, ‘report-no-images.html’ and ‘report.json’)

The name of the reports can be modified with the –report-name argument:

golem run project suite -r html --report-name report_name

Modify Screenshot Format, Size, and Quality

The size and compression of the screenshots can be modified to reduce the size on disk.

For example:

Given the default settings (PNG image, no resize, no compression), a screenshot was ~149kb.

When these settings were applied:

    "screenshots": {
        "format": "jpg",
        "quality": 50,
        "resize": 70

Then the same screenshot takes ~35kb.

Experiment to find optimum settings. More info on screenshot formatting here.