Browser Module

Functions to manipulate WebDriver Browser instances.

Location: golem.browser

open_browser(browser_name=None, capabilities=None, remote_url=None, browser_id=None)

When no arguments are provided the browser is selected from the CLI -b|–browsers argument, the suite browsers list, or the default_browser setting.

This can be overridden in two ways:

  • a local webdriver instance or
  • a remote Selenium Grid driver instance.

To open a local Webdriver instance pass browser_name with a valid value

To open a remote Selenium Grid driver pass a capabilities dictionary and a remote_url. The minimum capabilities required is:

    browserName: 'chrome'
    version: ''
    platform: ''

More info here:

If remote_url is None it will be taken from the remote_url setting.

When opening more than one browser instance per test provide a browser_id to switch between browsers later on

Returns: the opened browser


Returns the active browser. Starts a new one if there is none.


Activate an opened browser. Only needed when the test starts more than one browser instance.


  • InvalidBrowserIdError: The browser Id does not correspond to an opened browser

Returns: the active browser

element(*args, **kwargs)

Shortcut to golem.browser.get_browser().find().

See find.

elements(*args, **kwargs)

Shortcut to golem.browser.get_browser().find_all()

See find_all.